Enter a high value market

with no technology risk


GIS has become the preferred technology for operators...

May 28

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Protection of critical functions from external influences means that GIS has a low failure rate and can lead to improved SAIDI and SAIFI.

High reliability

May 28

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Compact dimensions means upto 75% footprint savings and reduction in real costs. Combined with the low maintenance requirements means a low total cost of ownership for operators.


May 28

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GIS is inherently arc-resistant by design because it is not affected by external contaminants and it protects the user from exposure to high voltage parts

Safety built-in

...but new GIS market entrants face high barriers to entry

Limited access

to  GIS expertise

There are limited GIS suppliers in the market because access to people with experience in developing such products is hard to come by. This leads to a two tier system where only a few players control the market.

High costs

to develop

R&D in new technologies takes many years and costs a lot of money before a product reaches a commercial stage. Access to innovation should not be limited to a few parties.



Investment in new products carries not only technical uncertainties, but regulatory risks as well. Can you afford to invest in an SF6 GIS product that could soon be banned?


What we offer

We provide access to future-proof SF6-free GIS technology for OEMs and panel builders who have the expertise to serve customers around the world. By replacing SF6 with dry air, GIS production is simpler and more cost-effective - and your ROI is secured.

Extend your product portfolio


Extend your product portfolio to a multibillion market.  In total, our technology addresses a market of € 11.1 Bn in 2018, and will continue to grow to become a € 23.1 Bn market by 2024.

Proven technology, zero R&D risk


We devoted more than 4 years and millions of euros researching, developing and certifying our dry air GIS, so that you won’t have to do it. Reduce your risk in technology by using our patented IEC 62271 type tested solutions.

Independence from competitors


Having your own branded dry air GIS product means you have a sustainable competitive advantage in the market and are not reliant on selling your competitors products to serve your customers.

High value segment


Not only is our primary GIS a higher margin segment than other switchgear types, a recent study from Frauenhofer found that end customers are "on average willing to pay 20% more for an option with a low global warming impact“.

Fast market entry


It takes around 3-5 years to develop a solution and bring it to the market. With nuventura, you can enter the market in less than one year from signing a cooperation agreement.

Pay based on success


Access to our technology platform can be either an upfront or yearly fee based on your business needs. We support you in your product development with payments based on agreed milestones. Minimise your risk and pay for success.

Dedicated expert support


We support you along the way from training, to integration, custom development, certification or go-to-market support. If you are successful, then so are we.