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Sustainable switchgear for a sustainable future


Our vision is an SF6-free electricity distribution

We are pioneers in designing and developing SF6-free technology to minimize the use of greenhouse gases in the energy sector. We convert this technology into products that we can manufacture and sell. 

Our strategy is to make our technology globally available fast, and we achieve this by winning and empowering our partners to offer SF6-free switchgear in their markets.


World's first 36 kV, SF6-free Dry Air GIS


Globally active


+ 70 employees

With our global reach and a team of experienced and diverse professionals, we are ready to adapt to your market's unique traits, and cater to your specific requirements in a flexible way.

Our History - Track record 
Nuventura Technology Center (NTC)

Founded in Berlin, Germany

First product type tested

nuventura 1st Grid pilot

NTC opening

Scaling up







Prototype pilot


nuventura-SZM partnership


First commercial installation


First partner onboard

Our factory locations

Nuventura Technology Center (NTC)

In our NTC we are able to independently prototype and develop new products, and create tools and instructions for efficient assembly of our SF6-free switchgear.

In addition to storage and testing facilities, we also have office spaces available for our engineering and business development teams.


Our staff come from across the world, representing different ethnicities, educational backgrounds, nationalities, languages, cultures and beliefs. This diversity promotes innovative perspectives and solutions to address global challenges.

001-231006 nuventura

Nuventura India Pvt. Ltd.

In our manufacturing unit in Chennai - India, we receive components from various Indian suppliers. These components undergo thorough quality checks to ensure adherence to our quality standards.

This facility also handles the sub-assembly and pre-assembly of specific components, which accelerates the production process at our main facility in Germany.

We work together with our key partner SZM in the assembly of core elements of the switchgear.

SZM is a switchgear specialist based in Bad Muskau, Germany.  It has 80 employees and more than 20 years of experience and know-how in the field of switchgear manufacturing, servicing and retrofitting.


In this cooperation, Nuventura is building upon SZM's decades of experience in the fields of switchgear manufacturing, drive development, and high quality processes. 

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