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Image of Nuventura's SF6 free GIS against white background

36 kV

1250 A

31,5 kA

Single busbar

For primary distribution


Why our technology is your best choice

GIS has never been so simple. By replacing SF6 with dry air we not only maintain the capabilities that makes SF6-GIS a premium product, but we add to them:

  • No operating costs associated with SF6

  • Similar physical footprint as SF6-GIS

  • No regulatory risks

  • No strictly defined product lifetime

  • Improved asset management through sensor integration

Screenshot (70).png

Thanks to the use of nuventura’s innovative patented solution, the GIS is as compact as SF6  insulated switchgear

Screenshot (68).png

Because the vessel is accessibly sealed, now the cable compartment, current transformer and voltage transformer can be accessed enabling lifetime extension and IoT integration



Screenshot (74).png

A sealed pressure system with switching devices inside the hermetically sealed stainless-steel vessels ensures personal safety and protection against environmental effects



Learn more about our product

Technical brochure

Front cover of technical brochure for Nuventura's SF6-free GIS

Technical catalogue

Front cover of technical specifications document for Nuventura's SF6-free GIS

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