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Expand your own product portfolio with our unique business model

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For panel builders, EPCs or integrators - choose your preferred model

Our goal is to ensure you get to market with the solution that meets your business objectives and market needs. Choose your preferred option: fastest way to market using our type tested design, or customize your SF6-free GIS needs to increase you flexibility.


Our business model is designed to provide partners with flexibility, enabling them to enter the SF6-free GIS market in a way that aligns best with their needs. We have established two distinct partner-relationship types to cater to the diverse needs of our partners.

Primary Panels

In this partnership model, we sell the full panel with empty low voltage compartment to our partners, who then adds the LV control & protection to create a complete product for sale to their end users. This approach facilitates a rapid market entry for EPCs, integrators or panel builders.

Core Modules 

In this arrangement, we supply the pre tested core module (tank + drive) to our partners who then integrate it into a switchgear enclosure according to nuventura's or their own design. On top of that also the control and protection is added by the partner. This model can require a longer ramp up time, but gives more flexibility and a larger part of the value chain to our partners. 

Our business model provides various partner-relationship options, allowing a diverse range of partners to leverage their strengths and expertise in order to enter the SF6-free GIS market effectively and meet the demands of their end users. This approach fosters collaboration, innovation, and market growth for all stakeholders involved.

Advantages of choosing us as your partner

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We provide access to future-proof SF6-free GIS technology for OEMs and panel builders who have the expertise to serve customers around the world.

Diversify your offerings: extend your product portfolio to a multibillion market. 

Fast market entry: with our support, you can enter the market in less than a year from signing the cooperation agreement, compared to the typical 3-5 years for solution development and market entry.

Proven technology, zero R&D risk: we devoted more than 4 years and millions of euros researching, developing and certifying our dry air GIS, so that you won’t have to do it. Additionally, reduce your risk in technology by using our patented IEC 62271 type tested solutions.

Dedicated expert success: we support you every step via training, integration, custom development, certification, and go-to-market. Your success is ours too!

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