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Thermochill and nuventura partner up to bring SF6-free switchgear to Colombia and Ecuador

Thermochill and nuventura teams together at nuventura's factory
Thermochill will incorporate nuventura's dry-air GIS into their e-houses

Berlin 18.07.2023 - Nuventura and Thermochill, a Colombian manufacturer of prefabricated medium voltage (MV) electrical solutions, have proudly announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement. Moreover, together they have successfully obtained the Colombian RETIE certification, which is a mandatory requirement for electrical equipment in Colombia. This exciting collaboration will empower Thermochill to incorporate nuventura's cutting-edge SF6-free MV GIS into their e-house offerings, thereby helping to advance Colombia and Ecuador's energy transition.

"We are very excited to partner with Thermochill, a company that has great ambitions to be a global player in the energy sector. With Thermochill, we have found a reliable partner who shares our vision for high quality products and can deliver the service that users expect. Together we see a game-changing opportunity to ensure that SF6-free GIS products become more accessible at scale to support the shift towards greener electrification" says Sebastian Zache, nuventura’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Thermochill will incorporate nuventura's dry-air GIS into their e-houses. “Under the agreement, nuventura will bring to the table their extensive experience in supplying dry-air GIS technology solutions and providing engineering support. We, as Thermochill, will leverage our networks in Colombia and Latin America to offer this high-quality GIS products as part of our e-houses. Furthermore, Thermochill will also provide after-sales servicing and maintenance to our growing customer base in South America” says Daniel Lopez, CEO at Thermochill.

About nuventura GmbH |

Brought together by a shared vision for a sustainable global power sector, nuventura was founded in Germany in 2017. To achieve this vision, nuventura provides access to innovative technology and best‐in‐class products, while working across the entire value chain from project developers, to EPCs and switchgear manufacturers.

About Thermochill |

Thermochill’s focus is the design, construction and installation of prefabricated low and medium voltage electrical solutions for different applications in: Oil, Gas, Mining, Power Companies, Data Centers, Communications and different special applications, in collaboration with the most prestigious brands of electrical equipment.


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