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Nuventura’s SF6-free GIS installed in Austrian Grid

Berlin, Germany | 02.02.2024

  • Cteam installed Nuventura's nu1™ dry-air GIS at Energienetze Steiermark's Prankh substation in Austria.

  • Nuventura's nu1™ replaces SF6 - the world's strongest greenhouse gas - with dry (technical) air as the insulating medium.

  • It is the first installation of Nuventura's SF6-free GIS in the Austrian grid.

Austrian company Cteam Energietechnik has completed the installation of Nuventura's nu1™ SF6-free medium-voltage (MV) switchgear at the Austrian grid operator Energienetze Steiermark's Prankh substation. It is the first installation of Nuventura's SF6-free GIS in the Austrian grid.

As part of its corporate policy and vision, Cteam focuses on environmental protection and the prevention of environmental harm. Similarly, Energienetze Steiermark is a leader in the introduction of new sustainable grid technologies. This project underlines both companies' pioneering role in the innovation of sustainable grid technologies.

"Energienetze Steiermark is planning to integrate 2,000 MW of photovoltaics and 800 MW of wind into the grid by 2030. Around €1.5 billion has been earmarked for the expansion and modernization of the electricity grid for this purpose. We are always looking for ways to minimize the carbon footprint of our activities, and Nuventura's SF6-free GIS technology is very attractive in this respect," said Energienetze Steiermark's two Managing Directors, Franz Strempfl and Manfred Pachernegg.

"As a future-oriented company with many years of experience in grids and switchgear technologies, we are constantly evaluating market trends and necessary changes in distribution systems. In this context, we find Nuventura's SF6-free GIS very interesting and were delighted to be involved in the first installation in Austria with Energienetze Steiermark. Furthermore, we assume that in the coming years such SF6-free switchgear technologies will become the standard and therefore expect that we will realize many more projects with Nuventura," says Kurt Rader, Cteams’s Managing Director.

"The collaboration with Cteam and Energienetze Steiermark is an important milestone that marks our first project in Austria's electricity grid. It demonstrates the attractiveness of our technology and our partnership approach for the entire DACH region. We would like to thank Energienetze Steiermark and Cteam for the outstanding technical and interpersonal cooperation. This is a prime example of a successful and cooperative business relationship, which we are also building with our partners in other countries in Europe and beyond" says Fabian Lemke, Nuventura’s CEO.

About Energienetze Steiermark:

With an electricity distribution grid of over 30,000 km in length and a gas distribution grid of around 4,000 km in length, Energienetze Steiermark is a major infrastructure provider and investor in Styria.

Annual investments in the electricity and gas grids amount to around €160 million.

Almost the entire domestic industry, many businesses and around 500,000 customers are connected to the electricity grid of Energienetze Steiermark.

About Cteam:

Cteam has been a solid and reliable partner on the energy technology systems market for many years. Thanks to its forward-looking project management and the individual expertise of each of the group's companies, Cteam offers excellent solutions that meet even the highest demands.

About Nuventura:

Nuventura develops environmentally friendly medium-voltage GIS (gas-insulated switchgear) - key hardware components found in power grids and energy infrastructures. Existing GIS technologies use sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) - the world's most potent greenhouse gas - as an insulating material. Nuventura replaces SF6 with dry air, helping to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of 100 million cars.

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