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Nuventura and E.DIS cooperate on development of smarter and more sustainable distribution grid

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Press Release | Berlin, Germany | 21.06.2021

  • E.DIS have installed Nuventura's NU1™ dry air GIS at their Ketzin substation in Brandenburg, Germany

  • This project contributes to E.DIS' mission of reliably providing electricity through an innovative and sustainable grid

  • Nuventura's NU1 replaces SF6 - the world's most potent greenhouse gas - with dry (technical) air as an insulating medium

  • Such SF6-free GIS helps to increase the sustainability and IoT capabilities of MV power grids

Nuventura has started a collaboration with the utility company E.DIS. Together, they have completed an installation of Nuventura's NU1 medium-voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). It is a fully certified (type-tested) GIS for primary distribution grids that uses dry air as the electrical insulating medium instead of SF6. The project will also test Nuventura's IoT solution, which aims to improve switchgear asset management through real-time monitoring.

Installation of SF6-free, dry-air GIS at E.DIS substation
Nuventura's SF6-free installation at Ketzin

"Our main objective as E.DIS Netz GmbH is to supply our customers with energy reliably and around the clock. Sustainability also plays an increasingly important role in this, which is why we will increasingly evaluate new, SF6-free alternatives. It fills me with pride that the switchgear has been installed after two years of intensive cooperation. I am looking forward to the further cooperation with Nuventura to make our network future-proof and at the same time ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply," says Andreas Freygang, E.DIS' Project Manager.

In addition to replacing SF6 with dry (technical) air as the insulating medium, the NU1 switchgear uses vacuum switching, a proven and reliable technology.

Nuventura designs novel GIS technologies that remove the need for SF6 or any other fluorinated gases (F-Gases) in medium voltage switchgear applications. By being integrated into E.DIS’ medium voltage network, the dry air GIS will provide both Nuventura and E.DIS with valuable operating experience with this new generation of sustainable GIS.

Installation of SF6-free GIS at E.DIS with Project Manager
Andreas Freygang, E.DIS' Project Manager

“Our goal as a company is to develop and licence switchgear technologies that will eventually make the use of SF6 in the energy industry obsolete. Together with E.DIS we are piloting our patented technology that, while being completely environmentally sustainable and digitally enhanced, does not compromise on performance. We hope that this represents a positive step towards the development and adoption of F-gas-free GIS alternatives,” says Dr. Fabian Lemke, Nuventura’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Through Nuventura’s cloud-based sensor integration, E.DIS will be able to remotely visualize, monitor and analyze - in real-time and around the clock - the installed assets’ conditions. This will contribute to E.DIS’s goal of consistently providing high grid and power quality.

E.DIS is the regional grid operator in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; its electricity grid covers 79,000 kilometres.

Nuventura is a Berlin-based deep tech company specialized in the development of sustainable medium voltage switchgear technologies, the designs of which it licenses to switchgear manufacturers around the world. It also directly sells dry air GIS core tanks (a key component of the full design) to manufacturers for them to incorporate into their own switchgear designs. They designed and assembled the Nu 1switchgear together with their contract partner SZM, who have advanced experience and know-how in the area of circuit breaker technologies.

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