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Green hydrogen becomes even greener - nuventura supplies APEX SF6-free gas-insulated switchgear

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Press release | Berlin, Germany | 22.07.2021

  • Nuventura and APEX partner on a commercial project at APEX's Rostock-Laage facility

  • It is one of the first installations of nuventura's innovative nu1™- medium voltage gas insulated switchgear (GIS)

  • Nuventura's nu1 eliminates the need for sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) - the world's most potent greenhouse gas - and replaces the man-made gas with climate-friendly air

  • SF6-free - yet compact - GIS enables APEX to produce green hydrogen using completely greenhouse gas-free infrastructure

The APEX project is the first industrial installation of nuventura's nu1. The technology retains the advantages of traditional GIS, i.e. compactness, reliability and insensitivity to disruptive environmental influences such as dust or humidity, and without the use of greenhouse gases.

Installation of SF6 free switchgear at APEX Energy Teterow
nuventura's 5-panel installation

By incorporating this technology into APEX's grid infrastructure, nuventura is supporting the APEX Group in its mission of providing green hydrogen in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Through nuventura's cloud-based sensor integration, APEX is now able to remotely visualize, monitor and analyze the condition of the installed assets - in real time and around the clock.

"What convinced us about nuventura's switchgear are its compact dimensions, which are very similar to those of the classic SF6 GIS, as well as the high degree of flexibility and automation that enable us to connect our newly constructed PV park, our battery storage and the electrolyzer," explains Jörn Hennig, Head of Engineering at APEX.

The APEX Group, based in Rostock-Laage, is Germany's leading developer of hydrogen power plant solutions. APEX offers its customers a complete suite of hydrogen infrastructure, tailored to individual customer needs. The APEX site itself has been CO2-neutral since 2021 and is powered by a 2 MW hydrogen power plant that supplies heat and electricity.

As part of its commitment to producing green hydrogen using a CO2-neutral infrastructure, the APEX Group is using nuventura's nu1 GIS - a fully type-tested switchgear that uses only climate-friendly air as its electrical insulation medium. The technology forms a key component of APEX's energy infrastructure, which is used to produce and store hydrogen. In addition, nuventura's IoT (Internet of things) solution is being tested in real-world applications, enabling real-time monitoring of plant health resulting in improved asset management.

APEX Energy Teterow facility
The APEX facility is CO2 neutral. ©APEX Group

"This project between APEX and nuventura is essential for a sustainable energy sector. Both nuventura and APEX are demonstrating through this project how energy is stored and made available using sustainable infrastructure such as nuventura's greenhouse gas free medium voltage switchgear," adds Dr. Peter Sponholz, Chief Technology Officer of APEX.

Nuventura is a Berlin-based deep tech company specializing in the development of sustainable medium voltage GIS. Nuventura supplies climate-friendly technologies, components and/or prefabricated core modules to regional switchgear manufacturers around the world, enabling them to enter the difficult-to-access GIS market. Nuventura designed and built the nu1 switchgear together with its key partner SZM, a switchgear specialist based in Bad Muskau, Saxony, which has many years of experience and know-how in the field of circuit breakers and switchgear.

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