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DUAL-ADE and nuventura announce partnership to bring innovative SF6-free GIS to the North America

Berlin, 16.11.2020 - Nuventura and Technologies DUAL-ADE Inc, a Canadian manufacturer of custom designed switchgear, announced the signing of a partnership agreement. The partnership will enable DUAL-ADE to offer a unique SF6-free medium voltage GIS - branded GasuoTM - to accelerate North American utilities' plans to reliably meet their energy transition objectives.

GIS are becoming widely adopted in electricity grids due to their compactness, reliability and low maintenance. This enables grid operators to meet the increasing power demand by replacing existing equipment with more compact GIS while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

GIS uses SF6, or sulfur hexafluoride, as an insulation medium due to its electrical insulating properties. However SF6 is a potent greenhouse gas - the atmospheric greenhouse effect of one kilogram of SF6 equals that of over 23,500 kilograms of CO2 and its atmospheric lifetime estimate is over 3,000 years. With the energy transition and increasingly stringent regulations, a growing number of utilities are tracking their SF6 usage and seeking ways to reduce it - without compromising on safety and reliability. Looking forward, DUAL-ADE was searching for a solution that would enable North American utilities to meet their immediate business needs while future-proofing their critical assets to meet the objectives of the energy transition.

By replacing SF6 in GIS with dry air, nuventura's technology offers significant environmental benefits compared to SF6-based GIS while increasing efficiency and profitability. The GasuoTM switchgear equipped with nuventura's technology allows for sensors within the gas vessel to monitor status and capture data for smart grid applications and asset management. Furthermore, since SF6 is replaced by purified industrial air, the cost and complexity related to SF6 handling, recycling, disposal, and reporting is avoided. Combining the technology with DUAL-ADE's know-how, build-to-specification engineering and production capabilities will ensure the new Gasuo portfolio meets North-American market requirements on performance, safety, and reliability. The portfolio will cover the medium voltage range up to 36 kV 2500 amperes with options to customize solutions with nuventura's patented technology designed in Germany. E.ON is currently investing in nuventura's technology to help meet its ambitious sustainability and climate commitments. "For the past decade, urbanization and renewable energy have put pressure on utilities to identify more compact and environmentally friendly switchgear solutions. Our partnership will benefit our customers and help them meet these challenges by using the most innovative non-SF6 GIS available." – Éric Ducharme, DUAL-ADE's CEO.

Fabian Lemke, commercial director at nuventura, adds, "The partnership has accelerated our expansion into the North American market. I am excited about the opportunity to work with DUAL-ADE, who shares our vision for an SF6-free grid, the world's most potent greenhouse gas."

About nuventura GmbH |

Brought together by a shared vision for an efficient and sustainable global power sector, nuventura was founded in Germany in 2017. We have since successfully developed, built and tested a pioneering "dry air" gas-insulated switchgear and secured funding and pilot partners for operation. We partner with switchgear manufacturers enabling them to offer best–in–class products combined with their own strengths to serve the entire value chain – without the emissions.

About DUAL-ADE inc. |

Founded in 1996 by Éric Ducharme, DUAL-ADE is highly specialized in the custom design and manufacturing of low and medium voltage switchgear. The company history is rich in innovation, operational excellence and continuous improvement. Pushing its limits day after day, DUAL-ADE implements new ways of doing things with a "Think Outside of the Box" mindset.


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