Your customized enclosure plus 

nuventura's core module


We supply the GIS core technology - so you can focus on the customer




Type tested GIS Core module

Training support

Supply chain access

Product development support


Market access


Production capability


Value add services



Offer Scope Elements

  • Your own branded dry air GIS with  nuventura supplied core modules  inside.

  • Access support to operationalise the technology.

  • License to use and commercialise product.

  • Upfront or yearly access fee options plus a price per core module unit supplied.

Nuventura supplies GIS core modules based on our type tested design and the license to use and commercialize the product.

You can either use the existing nuventura enclosure design or develop your own  customized enclosure to suit your customers. Go-to-market and commercialization is where you excel but we are here to support you along the way.



In the first phase, we get to understand each others capabilities and identify potential opportunities to work together. Once we agree a term sheet with the main commercial elements defined, nuventura will provide the relevant information to enable you to complete your technical and commercial due diligence. We then support your go-to-market efforts in finding a reference customer in parallel with signing the core module supply agreement.



We provide you with the knowledge transfer of relevant technical data to enable you to integrate our core modules with your enclosure design. We provide engineering and product development support durint prototyping with a defined number of hours included in the upfront (or yearly) access fee. We also support industrialisation and market certification to help you get your product to market. Our whitelabelled product collateral and IoT platform can streamline your go-to-market.



We provide you with a license to market and sell dry air GIS in the territories previously  agreed on. This is where you excel but we are available to support you in your sales and marketing activities. Our R&D team is continually working on innovative new features to enhance your products and keep you ahead of the competition. Our product development roadmap aims to grow your product portfolio to other ratings and segments.

Enter the market

in one year 

With this business model, you can typically enter the market within 12 months of signing a cooperation agreement with nuventura.

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