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Media coverage​

Screenshot 2023-05-08 150921.png

Phoebe Harper, 12.04.2023 - "Nuventura : Switching it Up a Gear". APAC Outlook. Available here.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 084346.png

Jonathan Spencer Jones, 30.03.2023 - "F-gases move closer to phase out in Europe". Power Engineering International. Available here.

Politico .png

Switching Gears for Net Zero, 08.03.2023 - "The EU needs to crack down on climate-damaging F-gases". POLITICO. Available here.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 133825.png

TheExpressWire, 22.02.2023 - "Switchgear Monitoring System Market Growth and Trends in 2023 Latest Innovations and Business Strategies till 2028". Digital Journal. Available here.


Environmental Investigation Agency, 10.11.2022 - "CoP27 diary – all the latest updates from our campaigners at the UN climate summit in Egypt". Environmental Investigation AgencyAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 131036.png

Fabian Lemke, 20.07.2022 - "Soaring demand for electricity driving a new approach to emissions in Asia-Pacific". DailyGuardianAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-07-04 112019.png

Fabian Lemke, 20.06.2022 - "As the demand for energy soars, climate tech is here to save the day". e27Available here.

Screenshot 2022-05-12 072921.png

Eric Ng, 02.05.2022 - "Climate change: German start-up Nuventura seeks partners in China to stamp out the world’s most potent greenhouse gas". South China Morning PostAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 114730.jpg

Alexander Hüsing, 27.04.2022 - "Die heißesten Investments von Tier-Gründer Lawrence Leuschner". Deutsche StartupsAvailable here.

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Yusuf Latief, 13.04.2022 - "ADB Ventures backs Nuventura’s SF6-free switchgear". Smart Energy InternationalAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 115533.jpg

IEN Europe, 12.04.2022 - "ADB Ventures Participates in Switchgear Company nuventura’s Second Closing of Seed Funding Round". IEN EuropeAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 115144.jpg

Energy Industry Review, 13.04.2022 - "ADB Ventures Participates in Switchgear nuventura’s Second Closing of Seed Funding Round".  Energy Industry ReviewAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-05-12 073521.png

Energias Renovables, 12.04.2022 - "La solución Nuventura para la eliminación de las emisiones de SF6 logra el apoyo del Banco Asiático de Desarrollo". Energias RenovablesAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 113927.jpg

The Korea Herald, 12.04.2022 - "ADB Ventures participates in switchgear company nuventura's second closing of seed funding round". The Korea HeraldAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 133536.jpg

The Parliament Magazine, 05.04.2022 - "An F-gas free future in power grids?". The Parliament MagazineAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-06-13 122602.png

GTAI. 03.2022 - "Markets International - Vordenker". Germany Trade and InvestAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 132903.jpg

Energy Monitor, 29.03.2022 - "Europe has a unique chance to phase out SF6 – the world’s strongest polluter". Energy MonitorAvailable here.

aktif 1.png

Aktif, 10.03.2022 - "Aktif And Nuventura Announce Partnership To Manufacture And Develop Innovative SF6-Free Switchgear". AktifAvailable here.


Electricity Turkey Magazine, 10.03.2022 - "Aktif ve Nuventura SF6 Gaz İçermeyen Hücre Üretimi için Anlaşma İmzaladı". Electricity Turkey MagazineAvailable here.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 163513.png

Transformers Weekly, 10.03.2022 - "Nuventura and Aktif to develop innovative SF6-free switchgear". Transformers MagazineAvailable here.

EIB institute.JPG

Chris Welch, 02.12.2021 - "Building a better switch". EIB Institute Available here.

Pacific Inno 3.JPG

PACIFIC INNO, 29.09.2021 - "Introducing the member companies of Elemental Excelerator's 10th cohort'". Available here.

download (2).jfif

Future Market Insights, 08.11.2021 - "Gas Insulated Substation Market to Ascend at 5.7% CAGR by 2031 as Demand Grows in Energy-Intensive Industrial Processes: Future Market Insights'". Available here.


The Innovator News, 05.11.2021 - "How Startups Are Powering The Shift To Green Energy'". Available here.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 163513.png

Transformers Magazine, 04.11.2021 - "T&D equipment manufacturers to pursue development of SF6-free switchgear'". Available here.

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TechnologyCatalogue, 02.11.2021 - announces finalists for the Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021'". Available here.


MBI TRADENEWS EMISSIONS, 13.10.2021 - "Startup rückt SF6 mit trockener Luft zu Leibe'". Available on request.

download (1).jfif

THUNDER SAID ENERGY, 06.10.2021 - "Switching gears: The most potent GHG in the world?'". Available here.

download (13).png

StartUs Insights, 14.08.2021 - "Discover 5 Top Startups & Scaleups tackling Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs)'". Available here.

download (4).jpg

50komma2, 06.07.2021 - "TROCKENLUFT-GIS IM UMSPANNWERK'". Available here.


Switchgear Content, 08.07.2021 - "Nuventura And E.DIS Collaboration About Smart Distribution Grid In Germany'". Available here.


T&D World, 07.07.2021 - "Nuventura, E.DIS Collaborate on Commercial Demonstration Project in Germany'". Available here.

download (15).png

Energie & Management, 07.05.2021 - "Luft soll klimaschädliches Isoliergas ersetzen". Available here.


Private Equity Wire, 16.03.2021 - "Nuventura raises new funding to support global expansion of SF6-free gas insulated switchgear". Available here.


ReGrid, 01.06.2021 - "SF₆ in Infrastructure'". Available here.

download (3).jpg



Gründerszene, 14.04.2021 - "Grüne Gründungsidee? Wie sich nachhaltige Startups Unterstützung sichern". Available here.


Forbes, 25.03.2021 - "SF6: The Little Gas That Could...Make Global Warming Worse". Available here.

download (1).png

Easy Engineering, 25.03.2021 - "Interview with Nuventura". Available here.


Berliner Zeitung, 18.03.2021 - "Berliner Start-ups lösen Probleme, von denen viele noch gar nichts wissen". Available here.

download (1).png

E.DIS, 07.05.2021 - "E.DIS testet innovative SF6-freie Schaltanlage im Netz". Available here.

Capture 1.PNG

The Business of Society (BOS), 01.05.2021 - "Unaccounted Risk: The Case of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) in Offshore Wind Energy". Available here.

download (6).png

Frankfurter Rundschau, 27.01.2021 - "Ihr Tag wird kommen". Available here.

download (4).png

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 30.12.2020 - "REQUEST FOR COMMENT ON CLEAN ENERGY AND CLIMATE PLAN FOR 2030". Available here.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 163513.png

Transformer Magazine, 07.12.2020 - "Nuventura presents medium voltage (up to 36 kV) gas insulated switchgear that replaces SF6 with dry air". Available here.

download (4).jpg



Business Insider, 16.11.2020 - "DUAL-ADE and nuventura announce partnership to bring innovative SF6-free switchgear to the North American market". Available here.

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Nachrichten aus der Chemie, 01.11.2020 - "Das perfekte Treibhausgas ersetzen'". Available here.


SF6 & Alternatives Coalition, 01.10.2020 - "Considerations for Planning an SF6 Phase-Out". Available here.

download (3).png

European Commission, 30.09.2020 - "REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION - assessing the availability of alternatives to fluorinated greenhouse gases in switchgear and related equipment, including medium-voltage secondary switchgear". Available here.


Deutsche Welle, 02.04.2020 - "Innovative switchgear for green grids". Available here.

download (28).png

Michael Odenwald, 11.12.2019 - "Solarenergie und Windkraft heizen globale Erwärmung an - schuld ist das Gas SF6". Focus Online Available here.

Capture 543.PNG

Silicon Canals, 09.10.2019 - "5 ‘Green’ tech startups you need to know about in 2019'". Available here.

download (5).png

Renewables Grid Initiative, 23.05.2019 - "‘Good Practice of the Year’ award winners celebrated at ‘Energy Infrastructure Forum’ – RTE’s MOOC, nuventura and the world’s first hybrid interconnector by 50Hertz and Energinet take home the prizes". Available here.

download (4).png

E.ON, 05.06.2019 - "E.ON will klimaschädliches Isolationsgas in Schaltanlagen überflüssig machen'". Available here.

download (3).png

VentureCapital Magazin, 05.06.2019 - "Deeptech Start-up sammelt frisches Kapital ein". Available here.

download (1).jpg

Leaders in Cleantech, 01.05.2019 - "Podcast with Dr. Fabian Lemke, Co-Founder and MD of nuventura". Available here.

download (10).png

Wirtschafts Woche Gründer, 04.06.2019 - "Nuventura: Start-up will Klimagase aus Stromnetz verbannen". Available here.

download (8).png

Virgin, 04.09.2019 - "Five of the world’s greenest start-ups". Available here.


Market Screener, 06.05.2019 - "E.ON plans to eliminate greenhouse gas in gas.insulated switchgear'". Available here.

download (19).png

Home&Smart, 10.11.2019 - "nuventura – Isolierte Schaltanlagen ohne schädliche Treibhausgase". Available here.

download (3).jpg

Energate Messanger, 06.06.2019 - "EON Beteiligt sich an Startup Nuventura". Available here.

download (11).png

EWS Schönau, 18.04.2019 - "Innovationen für eine nachhaltige Energiezukunft". Available here.


Berlin Valey, 01.03,2019 - "Startups als Weltretter". Available here.

download (2).jpg

Start up Energy Transition, 22.02.2019 - "Start-up Spotlight: nuventura". Available here.

download (12).png

Smart Energy TV, 11.02.2019 - "Start-ups, students, young professionals". Available here.


Forbes, 26.11.2018 - "Meet The 100 Most Innovative Startups Of Germany In 2018". Available here.


The Hundert, 01.11.2018 - "nuventura: Enabling Electricity Grid Free of Greenhouse Gases​". Available here.


FAZ, 25.10.2018 - "Wo Berlin ganz vorne ist". Available here.

download (3).jpg

Energate Messenger, 16.10.2018 - "Trockenluft statt SF6: Westnetz testet nuventura-Schaltanlage". Available here.

download (1).png

Bilanz, 01.09.2018 - "Made in Sharemany". Available here.

images (1).png

Tsinghua University, 10.07.2018 - "Mitigating Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Emission from Electrical Equipment in China". Available here.

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