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A € 23.1 Bn opportunity -  sustainable and competitive 

gas insulated switchgear (GIS)

Nuventura’s market will reach

€ 23.1 Bn by 2024


 The total market for medium voltage (MV)  switchgear was approximately € 30 Bn in 2018. This market can be split into different segments from a functional (use case) and a technical (technology) perspective.


Functional segmentation includes applications in primary and secondary distribution, electricity generation and industry customers with specific products designed for these various segments. Technically, the market is divided into Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS), Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and other, less common technologies. These can also be split into subsegments at the functional level.


Nuventura’s technology is suitable for a wide range of functional applications and may replace products in many functional and technical sub-segment combinations. In total, our technology addressed a market of € 11.1 Bn in 2018, and will continue to grow to become a € 23.1 Bn market by 2024.


While nuventura's solution is competitive, it is also forward-looking: it protects the users from the disruptive effect of regulations that are anticipated market observers to come into force in 2021-2025.


Our business model maximizes benefits for manufacturers and users of our technology

We license our technology to manufacturers, functioning as an R&D centre for them. We also collaborate with the end users of our technology (DSOs and industry) to ensure that nuventura’s switchgear is designed to meet their needs.

Why nuventura?


Unique IP
  • Multiple patents protect this unique technology with unrivalled performance and simplicity

  • Modular, adaptable design, which is suitable for a wide range of applications, while being simple to manufacture

  • First-of-its-kind integration of smart sensors and asset performance management

Right timing

Right timing
  • Governments are preparing stronger regulation on SF6

  • GIS considered to be the dominant switchgear technology

  • SME and OEM manufacturers feel strong pressure to innovate, while facing cost pressures in their traditional technological areas

Lean approach

Lean approach
  • Focus on building a technology platform for multiple manufacturers

  • Reducing R&D costs for manufacturers through shared  licensing costs

  • Allows manufacturers to  concentrate on their core strengths in production and customer service

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