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Win a strong position

on the GIS market

with nuventura‘s dry air GIS

License an efficient, sustainable and future-proof solution

Save on R&D expenses

Enter the market 4 times faster 

Benefit from being among the first

We devoted more than 4 years and millions of euros to invent and certify our dry air GIS, so that you won’t have to do it. Avoid the costs by licensing a ready-made nuventura GIS.

It takes around 3-5 years to develop a solution and bring it to the market. With nuventura, you can enter the market in less than one year.

Be among the first 10 licensees and benefit from special licensing rates. 

Pay based on your success

Our licensing model consists of innovation access fee and royalty fee based on your sales. Minimise your risks and pay for success.

Choose the right model for you 

Depending on your manufacturing capabilities, you can extend your product portfolio with a nuventura GIS by either licensing our patented design and fully manufacturing the GIS or by buying components or a core module from us.

Choose the right model for you 

Timeline of our cooperation

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