the GIS you are used to, 

but better*

*by eliminating SF6 from our switchgear, we eliminate the disadvantages associated with it 

simpler with air

We have developed a gas insulated switchgear free from SF6 or any other synthetic gas, without compromising its performance or increasing the total cost of ownership. Instead of SF6, our primary GIS technology uses dry air as the insulating gas and covers the full medium voltage range (up to 36 kV). 

minimising disadvantages,

adding opportunities

For energy providers


Become a technology leader

Because current SF6-based MV GIS are hermetically sealed for life, the possibility of sensor integration inside is limited. Our technology based on dry air insulation enables integrated type tested sensor system. We pave the way for industry 4.0 applications, such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or dynamic adjustments of maximum acceptable loads.


Be competitive

Our innovative design helps reduce  total cost of ownership due to the enabled benefits and extended lifetime. It, furthermore, allows for competitive production and operation by simplifying the manufacturing process and removing the need for gas handling and expensive manufacturing processes common in SF6-based designs.


Be ready for new regulation

SF6 is being scrutinised by regulators and its use in switchgear is likely to be further restricted and potentially banned in the coming years. The EU F-gas regulations in 2006 and 2014 have strengthened the restriction of SF6 usage in switchgear industry. Further revision of regulation in 2022 will assess whether it is possible to restrict SF6's usage further. 

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SF6-freien Mittelspannungsschaltanlage als Pilot-Installation"

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